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About the Author
About the book

About the book

The Author:          Ralph A. Steadman

The title:              A New Understanding of Life.

The publisher:    Lulu Publishing.

ISBN. numbers:  978 - 1 - 4476 - 3318 - 1
                              978 - 1 - 4461 - 0135 - 3

The price:            £9.99:   USA (Barnes & Noble) $16.50: NOOK download $7.99.

Availability:         By internet order, internet download or High Street order.


Author:                The 'A' is needed to distinguish the author from the world-                             famous illustrator and cartoonist Ralph Steadman.

Publisher:           Lulu is an internet 'self-publishing'  company.

ISBN No:             The first ISBN No. is used to order through High St. outlets
                             or through Amazon. The other is used to download the book.

Price:                   Paperback books of this quality normally sell for between
                             £12.99 and £14.99, but the book has been deliberately
                             underpriced in order to be within the reach of the widest
                             possible readership.

Availability:       The book is now on the world-wide database, and may be  
                            ordered  through all High Street booksellers. It may also be
                            ordered through Amazon, or direct from the publisher. It may
                            be downloaded as an e-book.  To view  the publisher's site
                            click onto the following hyperlink:

Covers:              Photo of front and back covers.