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These questions have been sorted into the four question categories, Philosophical, Psychological, Religious and Scientific.

Philosophical questions:

Do you want to know:                                                                             See chapter

    how to give your child the best start in life?                                                10
    how to reconcile the ideas of Predestination and Free Will?                       8
    a possible way to change reality?                                                                    9
    the reason for the growth of 'feral gangs'?                                                    7
    the mechanism which creates Karma?                                                            7
    about inter-dimensional travel?                                                                    16
    how many separate bodies a human being has?                                          5
    what psychic receptors are and why they are important?                          8
    what will decide how many human beings survive the apocalypse?      20
    the explanation for the legends of mythical beasts?                                   5
    all about Chakras?                                                                                              8
    how the law of Cause and Effect affects all human existence?                  6
    what 'units of consciousness' are?                                                                  4
    what the meaning of the phrase 'subtle bodies' is?                                    4
    what a 'Karmic turning point' is?                                                                     7
    what decides what sort of life a new-born baby may expect?                   6
    how the Life Force is assimilated by the human body?                               8
    why diet is more important than just the nutritional value of the            8
    food eaten?
    why a positive attitude makes a great difference in human life?             9
    the science behind 'What goes around comes around'?                             7
    why vegan views on diet are not just fantasies?                                         8
    how modern science may vindicate theoretical astrology?                       6
    the harmful effects of infra-red and microwave cooking methods?         8
    why 'gender issues' will not exist in the 'Brave New World?                  20
    why 'luck' does not exist?                                                                              18

Psychological questions:

Do you want to know:

    an explanation of the cause of schizophrenia and a possible cure?       17
    how great the power of thought is?                                                                9
    why depression can be a sign of possession?                                            16
    why 'hearing voices' is not necessarily a sign of mental illness?             8

Religious questions:

Do you want to know:

    a possible explanation of the value of prayer?                                           13
    the truth about the legends of 'fallen angels'?                                           18
    how a human soul is formed?                                                                           7
    about the inhabitants of the first dimension?                                             17
    why the word 'miracle' is a misnomer?                                                        13
    what 'impurities' are - and what the more usual name for them is?     17
    if angels really exist - and if so what they are?                                          18
   why we are now in the End Times - and what will succeed them?           14
   what 'elementals' are?                                                                                     17
   why fundamental extremism in religion is illogical?                                   21

Scientific questions:

Do you want to know:

    what there was before the Big Bang?                                                            3
    what decides how species evolve?                                                                 4
    the reason why a body tries to reject a transplanted organ?                 13
    how many universes there are?                                                                      5
    what caused the Big Bang?                                                                            15
    about the new planetary home for the majority of people on Earth?   20
    about the cosmic network surrounding the Earth?                                     3
    who is correct in the argument between Evolutionists and                      5
    about the energetic connection between minerals, plants, animals      4
    and human beings?
    the moment at which one can say that a baby becomes a human         6
    about the eventual fate of the universe?                                                   15
    about the coming world cataclysm?                                                            14
    about the power of sound?                                                                           19
    what the primal energy of the universe is?                                                 3
    how a black hole will be created which will swallow all other black      15
    what the 'human experiment' was?                                                             5
    what the key for scientists to arrive at a Theory of Everything              4
    may be?
    how the Law of Attraction works?                                                                 3
    why timing the exact moment of death is impossible?                            7
    the connection between Quantum Physics and the 'Ladder of               9
    where to find traces of a previous great civilisation wiped out by       17
    nuclear disaster?
    the reason for the high failure of IVF?                                                          6
    why there may be a rational explanation for the success of                 13
    why there could be a scientific reason behind some 'New Age'              3
    why sub-atomic particles can appear and disappear?                           16

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