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New scientific concepts are a rare occurrence, and new theological concepts are even rarer. So when a totally new idea is produced which affects both the scientific and the theological communities, it is an event of great importance!

A book which has just been written puts forward an explosive new concept which cuts across all conventional wisdom and provides possible answers to all human questions, from surmise on what caused the Big Bang to the question of how a human soul is formed. Although this book will be dismissed by conservative scientists and orthodox theologians alike it will - paradoxically - provide a bridge between the two schools of thought. It will therefore have the potential to bring together the more liberal and open-minded of both sides to collaborate in future research projects which will prove to be of value for the whole of Humanity!

For those who are committed to neither school of thought the book provides a background to understanding the human condition in all its many manifestations. It sets out a philosophical structure through which age-old questions on the mysteries of human life may be answered, and gives valuable advice on how to make the most out of each individual life. It is written in a simple and direct style which is easy to read and understand, and is particularly recommended to those of a 'New Age' tendency, as it provides a scientific background for many of their beliefs. For those interested in Ecology and Green Issues it is currently very appropriate, as it refers to an imminent world without all the trappings of modern life.


Do you fall into one of the following categories:

    a)    You are open to hearing of a new concept which might challenge all
            your existing ideas about the nature of reality, but which could 
            possibly explain some of the things which currently puzzle you;
    b)    You cannot understand the apparently unfair nature of life, which    
            seems to bring successes and problems in a totally random way;
    c)    You are becoming increasingly concerned about the current state
           of affairs in the world, and wonder where it will all end;
    d)   You are disillusioned with your present life and would like to find a
           new philosophy to help you to understand what life is all about -
           and possibly improve your own conditions;
    e)   You are just curious, and want to know more,

                            then you might find it interesting to read further!

First, have a look at the questions which are asked on the following two pages. There are four links at the left-hand side of each page, to help you navigate from page to page. Of these, the first two are links to pages of questions - more than 60 in all. One page has all questions listed in the order in which they were originally asked, the other has questions sorted into one of four categories - Philosophical, Psychological, Religious and Scientific.

Are these the sort of questions about life which you yourself ask? If so, you will see where you could find answers to them in the book. You might not necessarily find answers which will suit your particular mindset, but you will certainly find possible answers!

If your interest has been roused, you could click on the third link on the page, which gives details of the author and his background, and then click on the final link and see information about the book itself. There is a hyperlink at the bottom of that page which will take you to the publisher's website, which gives further details of the book and - should you wish - will allow you to order it.

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